[Occupied Numancia]
Jóvenes Clásicos

Original idea and version Sergio Rubio
With David Mena, Pilar Aguilarte, Lorena Roncero, Ruben del Castillo and Jose Carlos Cuevas
Stage direction Pedro Hofhuis

1.15 h (w/out intermission)

The people of Numantia strongly resist the Roman invasión. The arrival of Scipio and the conflicts between the different Numantian factions provoke a terrible turnaround in the unfolding of the siege.

The little known texts of Rojas Zorrilla are merged with those of Cervantes to place the action amidst the warfare of the late twentieth and early twenty-fist centuries, bringing us back to the crude Numantian reality and its relation with the ethical aspects of warfare. One only has to look to the Middle East to discover that the history of Numancia is not simply repeating itself time after time; it just does not stop.
Today is the perfect time to ask what interests lie behind these conflicts that never end. 

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