Gift card

A GIFT CARD, the perfect present

You don’t know what present to give? Let us help you make the perfect choice.
The persons who have a Gift Card will be able to buy the tickets they want with the card’s balance.


           The Málaga Procultura Gift Card:          

  • The card costs 50€ or 100€, amount which can be redeemed for tickets for shows, concerts and films programmed by Teatro Cervantes, Teatro Echegaray and Cine Albéniz.

  • It works like any other means of payment.

  • It can be a physical card if it is purchased at the Teatro Cervantes box office, or digital if it is purchased through the Internet: 
    · Buy   GIFT CARD 50€ 
    · Buy   GIFT CARD 100€ 

  • The digital Gift Card can be used directly for online purchases, or can be replaced with a physical card at the Teatro Cervantes box office.

  • Each Gift Card is associated to a code that can only be redeemed by means of online purchases until the balance is used up.

    General conditions          

  • The Gift Card code is valid for any type of show, concert or film, as long as there are seats available.             

  • Changes or refunds of the amount of the Gift Card, and of tickets acquired with the card once they have been issued, are not accepted.

  • In the event the Gift Card or the digital code is lost, no duplicates will be issued.      

  • The Gift Card expires once the balance has been used up.

  • Once the balance of the Gift Card has been used up, the card cannot be recharged nor can a new code be issued.

  • If the balance is not sufficient to buy selected tickets, the amount needed to complete to total price can be provided with any other credit/debit card.

  • The Gift Card is issued to bearer; in other words, it can be used by any person who has it.

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