Poems by Luis Alberto de Cuenca plus a poem by José Somoza
Rhapsoda Luis Alberto de Cuenca
Composer José Carra
Lucía Millán soprano
Luis Pacetti tenor
Malaga Symphony Orchestra Ensemble

Pianist José Carra
Conductor José Luis López Antón

Amour fou, from La caja de plata, Renacimiento, 1985
La malcasada (to Jon Juaristi), de El otro sueño, Renacimiento, 1987
El desayuno, from El hacha y la rosa, Renacimiento, 1993
Volveremos a vernos, from El hacha y la rosa, Renacimiento, 1993
Abre todas las puertas (to Antonio Sánchez Jiménez), de Sin miedo ni esperanza, Visor, 2002
Estoy aquí, from Sin miedo ni esperanza, Visor, 2002
Paseo vespertino (para Alicia), from El reino blanco, Visor, 2010
Blagdaross (para Nicole Brezin), from Después del paraíso, Visor, 2021
La luna mientras duermes te acompaña, by José Somoza, from Las cien mejores poesías de la lengua castellana, ed. Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Espasa Calpe [colección Austral, número 422], 1998

1.00 h (w/out intermission)
photo ©Jose Antonio Alba ©Miguel Palop ©Saray Ramos

“Poetry and music were born at the same time at the dawn of Hellenistic civilisation, with Safo, Alceo, Anacreonte and many others colouring the cultural horizon with a new sensitivity centred on the individual. and not on the tribe’s Volkgeist. The lyric genre asked to be let in, although the new creation of the human spirit never entailed abolition of the epic genre. Instead, it was more a question of developing a project that included musical instruments such as the lyre, with the poet’s voice accompanied by the instrument’s chords disseminating throughout the world matters that until then had been considered secondary, such as love: a feeling that from then one would never stop to pursue poetry, by then deprived of tribal heroes, and addressed in domestic terms, apparently minute, insignificant, ephemerons, perishable. This fundamental event did not happen in Mesopotamia, or in Egypt, but in archaic Greece, teacher of life and poetic creation which it enriches, to which it gives beauty and consolation. My poems aspire to join forces with that poetry which did not exist without music and with that music that relied on words to fulfil its destiny.”  Luis Alberto de Cuenca

The series Metalírica explores one of the most ancient and fertile collaborations between the artistic manifestations of music and poetry. Two forms of expression destined to get along since their origins, and whose paths continue to be closely intertwined, as they were in ancient Greece when the aiodos recited their verses accompanied by a lyre. Three poets and three composers will be the protagonists of performances in which the recited word, the voice of the rhapsodist and the words sung will coexist in a dialogue which, we hope, will be revealing.
An ambitious project that combines young talent and renowned artists of prestige, in which the verses of the poets will unfold new wings with compositions created specifically for the occasion, with a firm commitment to contemporary musical creation. A select instrumental chamber group and emerging vocalists of the Malaga lyric scene will be in charge of the performance, reaffirming Teatro Cervantes’ commitment to new local lyric talent.

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