VIII Anverso / Reverso


VIII Anverso / Reverso

‘Anverso/Reverso’ consists of a series of micro-monologues with very specific dynamics: there is always an author of reference whose figure and work acquire new meaning thanks to the vision of contemporary authors. In other words, the Obverse is the author of reference and the Reverse is the monologue of a creator from a specific artistic discipline.
For the 2022 edition, the Observe is David Bowie’s album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, one of the most important albums of the history of pop rock published 50 years ago, in 1972. This was Bowie’s first concept record, in which he reflected on the limits of mental health and proposed an unequivocal game between subjectivity and social roles of the second half of the 20th century. Thus was born Ziggy Stardust, the character on which the album’s story is based and alter ego of one of the most all-embrassing creators of the 20th century.

15 min. each monologue

Th1 and Mo 12 December 6:00 pm  * (invitations)
Author Remedios Zafra
Performer Marina Giménez Devesa
Encounter between philosopher, actress and audience: December 12th

What is the present made of? What are the people who live in the present made of? Time? Speed? Insecurity? To think the present based on our frailty and vulnerability. What happens to our identity? Ziggy Stardust is a mask, a character, a being of an ageless time. A universal artist who transgresses gender and doubts.  Who searches for himself in rupture; who makes himself out of rupture.
Remedios Zafra (Zuheros, Córdoba, 1973) is a writer and scientist member of the Institute of Philosophy of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research. She has been a university professor of Anthropology, Politics of the Gaze and Gender Studies. Her work focuses on the critical study of contemporary culture, creation and the Internet. She is the author of El entusiasmo. Precariedad y trabajo creativo en la era digital (Premio Anagrama de Ensayo y Premio Estado Crítico), Ojos y capital, (h)adas, Un cuarto propio conectado y Netianas, amongst others. She has won multiple awards for her work, including the Premio Meridiana de Cultura, Premio de las Letras El Público, Málaga de Ensayo, Premio de Comunicación de la Associació de Dones Periodistes de Catalunya, Premio de Ensayo Caja Madrid, Premio de Investigación de la Cátedra Leonor de Guzmán and Premio de Ensayo Carmen de Burgos.

Fr2 and Sa3 December 6:00 pm  * (invitations)
(NO ES) FÁCIL [Ain’t no easy]
Author Pedro Okña
Performer Marity Manzanera
Encounter between creator, actress and audience: December 3rd

This monologue is a reflection and review of the obstacles we encounter over time, and in particular the ones we create in our head. With a tragicomic tone and inspired by Bowie’s piece ‘Ain’t no easy’ we narrate our ruptures and how we keep on walking even though it’s not easy…or it is.
Pedro Okñ is a multidisciplinary creative in charge of VPF Málaga (independent group of creatives) since 2011. He was born in Jaén and has lived in Malaga since 1999. Self-taught and versatile, he experiments indistinctly with photography, painting, and digital and performing arts. In 2015 he created the multidisciplinary group #TheLonelyPeople devoted to physical theatre and perfomance, bringing together about 30 artists from diverse disciplines who show their creations in different stage and urban venues. The group is currently based at the Central de Actuantes in the cultural centre La Térmica. 

Tr13 and We14 December 6:00 pm  * (invitations)
Author Niño de Elche
Performer Juan Antonio Hidalgo
Encounter between creator, actor and audience: December 14th

«I am madness and only I can tell the truth». The protagonist of this monologue speaks to us directly –or not–, looks at our present life –or not– in order to tell the truth of each mad person considered to be crazy because of his/her invisibility, because of conventions. Standardisation. borders and edicts, debates to ensure that we follow the life they tell us. What to be? And faced with this situation, art and creation. Ziggy and her reality, her 51 years of age. The oldest brother of two twins. A couple with just one person.  Like a contemporary god who knows nothing about mythologies.
Niño de Elche is one of the most interesting and iconoclastic artists of the current cultural scene. Known in particular for his work as a singer, the scope of his activity is extended through a multidisciplinary perspective and the study of different artistic languages such as writing, performance, theatre, electronic music, film and rock. This has led him to collaborate with flamenco dancers such as Israel Galván, instrumental rock groups such as Toundra and emblematic bands such as Los Planetas, with which he reated the group Fuerza Nueva.

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