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[The psychology of colour]
Beyond Danza Cia. David Segura
Author, choreography and direction David Segura
Performers Pepa Martín, Lidia Jimenez and David Segura
Music Various authors

0.50 h (s/i) Contemporary dance. From 6 years
photo ©Carlos Castro

In a country where colour does not exist, where everything is white or black, two dancers will discover colours with Cornelius the magician and his magic book. The appearance of wicked Black and his attempt to make the world a place that is grey and sad will lead to the unexpected discovery of a rainbow and that all colours in fact come from white: without light there are no colours.
With the help of his magic book and the spells associated to each colour, Cornelius will fill the show with passion, fury, balance, creativity, amusement, treason, hope, harmony, serenity, power, humility, fantasy and purity.

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