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[The Happy Hour]
Author Sergio Rubio
Performers Carmen Baquero, Virginia Muñoz and Noemi Ruiz
Musical composition and arrangemets Salva Marina
Lyrics Caramala
Choreography Susana Almahano
Direction Caramala
Contultant directors Sergio Rubio and Julio Fraga

1.20 h (w/out intermission) Comedy

A happy hour is a period of time during which a bar offers special services to its customers. Caramala presents its happiest hour. A show full of laughter, irony, music and butterflies in the stomach. Three actresses, three courageous women and a happy hour to enjoy. Lis, Inma and Vito are…. three waitresses? Three actresses? Three losers? They are three characters at the most important moment of their lives, the moment when they decide to take control and really discover who they are.
A show to laugh, to feel, to protest and to enjoy.

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