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[Universal hysteria]
Alessandra García, Raquel Barcala y María del Mar Suárez
Author Raquel Barcala, Maria del Mar Suarez and Alessandra Garcia
Performers Alessandra Garcia, Raquel Barcala and Maria del Mar Suarez 
Music Elena Casanueva
Direction Maria del Mar Suarez, Raquel Barcala and Alessandra Garcia

1.00 h (w/out intermission) Comedy
alessandragarcia.com   mariadelmarsuarez.net

photo ©Martin de Arriba

Without seeking to make a case, the work of these three Andalusian creators focuses on transforming a terrible, unjust tragedy into an absurd and insane comedy. In the 30’s three actresses decide to stop, research, create, talk and construct one of the many ways to tell the story of women throughout time with a mixture of history, gender and comedy.  They sit down with the past and speak as mother, wife, daughter, queen, witch, artist, someone cultivated and invisible. Universal hysteria is a grotesque, insolent contemporary comedy full of impossible characters with the mission of trying to reconcile.

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