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[Mirror – scenic whim]
BUM Creaciones
Author Federico Garcia Lorca and Javier Viana
Performers Nerea Cordero, Javier Galiana and Javier Viana
Music Javier Galiana
Director Javier Viana

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Juanjo Palenzuela

Lorca Prize for the Performing Arts of Andalusia 2019: Music Authorship
Three nominations for the XXII Max Awards for the Performing Arts:
   Best Newcomer Show
   Best Newcomer Author, Javier Viana 
   Best Leading Actress, Nerea Cordero
Five nominations for Lorca Prize for the Performing Arts of Andalusia 2019:
   Theater Show 
   Theatrical authorship, Javier Viana
   Music Authorship, Javier Galiana de la Rosa 
   Female Performer, Nerea Cordero
   Direction, Javier Viana

A theatrical experience inspired by Garcia Lorca’s universe with a new vision of the poet based on  a musician’s sensitivity. Like a mirror, three characters reflect their multifaceted nature next to a grand piano that acquires its own personality as another extension of their words. Through these three voices we travel from la Vega de Granada to the luminous Havana to witness the mystery of creation and “inspiration”, to childhood, femininity, to the man who discovers and expresses himself.

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