No estés triste Producciones
Collective creation based on the homonymous text by Sarah Kane
Traduction Eva Varela Lasheras
With Alicia Persé, Álvaro Vega, Quino Pavón, Marián López, Diana Herrera, Samuel Serrano and Silvia Ureña
Stage direction Nora Cantero

1.10 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

What is more important: to live, or just breathe? What can you believe in when you don’t even believe in yourself? In this play, we will travel through the mental universe of a person suffering from a severe depression who is struggling between life and death. Her fragmented existence will cause us to reflect on issues which are unfortunately very relevant at present.
4:48 Psychosis is the last work of the famous writer Sarah Kane. Written just before her suicide, it is considered by many as a letter of farewell. But it is much more than that. For spectators, 4:48 is a flash of reality. It is a plea for help, but also a request for empathy. It raises questions that we may have never considered, and points to us to take action in their respect.
No estés triste Producciones is a new company formed by graduates and students of the ESAD drama school in Malaga, directed by Nora S. Cantero. It is specialised in collective creation theatre, and uses an amalgam of languages that stem from the artistic communion of its members.

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