ANFITRIÓN, de Molière


ANFITRIÓN, de Molière

[AMPHITYRON by Molière]
A production by Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Mérida, Mixtolobo and Pentación
Version and stage direction Juan Carlos Rubio from the original by Molière
With Pepon Nieto, Toni Acosta, Fele Martinez, Paco Tous, Dani Muriel and Maria Ordoñez

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Jero Morales / Festival de Merida
 Hand programme (ESP) 

The text of this Amphityron was stolen from Moliere's –which in turn was stolen from Plautus' original and amusing text, doing what the latter would have done had he lived in our times. On the one hand, adapt to the reality of the times and rewrite the role of women, not converting them into mere pawns on the virile chess board but rather into real driving forces  hand in hand with the masculine characters. And on the other, delve into the game of duplicity and one's appearance.
Aren't social networks simply a desperate attempt to observe us from the outside, shaping our self and exposing us (with filters) to the world, and by extension, to ourselves? Do we have to see ourselves in order to believe ourselves? Are we victims of our own image and appearance? Amphityron is the story of cloned beings who experience the amazing paradox of seeing themselves inside out, a mixture of human and divine, of passions and hates, infidelities and desires, laughter and some other feelings with the wholesome intention to entertain.

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