OFF - La Cochera Cabaret


OFF - La Cochera Cabaret

Avda. de los Guindos, 19  T. 952 246 668


Thr9 22.00 h  Stand up Comedy  6€ season ticket holders / 10€ box office
[Three legs for a bench]
Author and stage direction MASK2
With Antonio Ocaña, Jorge Garcia and Jesus Cañete
Show based on the formula of stand-up comedy, with filters for the fans of humour, monologues, sketches and the most insane situations.

Fri10 21.00 h Fri24 20.30 h Comedy  10€ season ticket holder / 12€ box office
[Living of the fat of the land]
Dramaturgy, performer and stage direction Tomas Garcia
A touching and humourous journey through the stories of always told as never before. Laughter and tenderness accompany a dynamic and visual show. But remember, this is not a show for children; it is for adults who want to go back to being children.

Fri10 23.00 h Improvisation Theater  5€ season ticket holder / 8€ purchased in advance / 10€ box office
La Tetera Impro
With Ali Jimenez, Alex Aragon, Antuan Delgado, Ana Puerta, Jose Fugy, Chema Moreno and Rafa Villena
(Of this cast, only four actors).
Stage direction Rafa Villena
IMPROV is not a Russian name, it is improvisation theatre based on the craziest, most loutish and difficult challenges this entails!
A crazy group of characters are ready to let their hair down and make the audience laugh its head off. Several of them will get together every month to try to overcome the different challenges.

Sun12 12.00 h Theatre for children and families  6€ season ticket holder / 8€ box office
[No Horns or Flutes]
Comediantes Malagueños
Author and stage direction Cristina Navarro 
With Pablo Salguero, Antonio Borja, Gala Barquero and Antonio Horcas
1789 in Vienna. The last years of the life of Mozart, who is again seeking the Emperor’s recognition. For this purpose, he needs the economic support of a noble who loves the arts and music. Rudolph, a wealthy Count who is restrained and comical; his wife Hildegard, who is egocentric, maniac and authoritarian; Franz, the loyal and obliging disciple with a hidden gift; and Mozart, the genius. A cocktail of madness and insanity…full of rhythm, laughter and arias that will cause more than one of them to lose the scores.

Sun19 12.00 h Theatre for children and families  6€ season ticket holder / 8€ box office
[Captain Morgana and the Treasure of the Mysterious Island]
Caliope Teatro
Author and stage direction Aky Gamazo
With Monica Simo, Aky Gamazo, Ana Maria Ruiz and Miguel Juarez
Music Jose Gerhart
The intrepid pirate Morgana sails the 7 seas together with Bolita, her inseparable boatswain. On this occasion they set sail for the Mysterious Island on which there is a huge treasure. A voyage during which they will share adventures with the siren Loreley and the evil pirate Pata Chula, who only wants company to continue searching and sailing the seas together with those who offer the purest and most sincere friendship.

Sun26 12.00 h Theatre for children and families  6€ season ticket holder / 8€ box office
[The Enchanted Mansion…enchanted to meet you]
Ilenia Producciones
Author, performer and stage direction Ruben Torres
Musician Ruben Fuentes
Lamps that come to life? Sticky walls? Solidified water? Ghosts that explode? Something is clear: nothing is what is seems to be. Music, humour, science, adventures, intrigue…will serve to address matters such as personal hygiene, food and bullying.

Thu14 Wed15  Thr16 Thu21 Wed22 Thr23 Thu28 Wed29 (Campaign for high school students)
[Heaven Neighbourhood]
Producciones Monas and La Cochera Cabaret
Author and stage direction Producciones Monas
With Eva Mara Guil, Adan Jose Vera and off voice Salva Reina
Workshop coordinated with the Malaga City Council Area for Education
Workshop  based on theatre-dance to raise awareness regarding gender violence. Eva, a girl from the neighbourhood, dreams of becoming a ballet dancer and begins a relationship with Adán. As the show progresses, we witness how, without hardly noticing, that the relationship becomes more and more tempestuous.  

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