Emilia Yagüe Producciones

By Julieta Soria
With Gloria Muñoz and Julian Ortega
Musician Manuel Lavandera
Singer Silvina Tabbush
Stage direction Yayo Caceres

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

Photo ©David Ruiz
Nominated for the MAX Awards for Best Actress, Best Authorship and Best Lighting Design.
Show recommended by the artistic commission of the Spanish Network of Public Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals. 

Madrid, 1598. A house with a garden located on Calle del Principe is the dwelling chosen by Francisca Pizarro Yupanqui (first mestiza of Peru, daughter and heir of Francisco Pizarro, Marquess of the Conquest and of the Inca princess Quispe Sisa, daughter of the Inca Huayna Capac and sister of Atahualpa) to spend the last years of her life.  A young Tirso de Molina, with the pretext of an upcoming “Trilogy of the Pizarros”, successfully arranges to interview her. The meeting of the playwright, avid for stories, and Francisca gives way to her reminiscences and experiences.

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