GG Producción Escenica

By Federico Garcia Lorca
Version and stage direction Javier Hernandez-Simon
With Aurora Herrero, Marta Gomez, Silvana Navas, Sara Cifuentes, Laia Marull, Oscar Zafra, Alex Gadea, Fernando Huesca and 
Jose Fernandez

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Photo ©Claudia Costa

“When you want you can be outside time, and there is no day and no night. Just you and me.”  Mariana Pineda

"These words encompass the main character’s inner world, and with the staging we aim to show, more than the reality of her situation, her perception of the world and how it provokes the emotional and ideological conflict she faces, which will lead to her death.
On occasions love is a deep sea in which we drown, a place which is both prison and  horizon, time at a standstill where not even air happens. On occasions loves is a snowy summer…a fantasy, a story we tell ourselves in order to stay alive.”  Javier Hernandez-Simon 

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