LaZeta Teatro

Author Carlos Zamarriego
With Roberta Pasquinucci and Rodrigo Garcia Olza
Stage direction Edgar Costas

1.00 h (w/out intermission) 

This story begins with two persons who miss each other before becoming strangers. Two persons who talk without speaking to each other to say that they have already told each other everything. The story of Bea, who has decided to search in the city for what she does not find in Andres. And of Andres, who decides to look for Bea to find himself. 
Mantequilla was born from a kind of Subtext by the maestro Jose Sanchis Sinisterra. The main topic is lack of communication, and how we establish dialogues with those who are not present and share silence with those who are, despite the technological possibilities of our hyper connected world.”   Carlos Zamarriego 

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