[The Theadores]
Teatro Tribueñe  

Author and stage direction Hugo Perez de la Pica
With Chelo Vivares

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

“Based on more or less biographical accounts that Criste Miñana, Chelo’s mom and mid-20th century actress, used to tell me during long after-dinner conversations of black humour, her scepticism and my fascination.  
The story of a comedic actress, the relationships with the authors, colleagues, solitude, life as the wife of another actor, the beginning of development in Spain, nudity, a satirical ode to Cuenca…whatever. This conglomerate of short anecdotes turns into a tribute to all the actresses of the post-war period and more. A filter of endearing poetry for the real life of these travelling comedic actresses.”  Hugo Perez de la Pica

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