[Waiting for Godot]
Pentacion Espectaculos

Author Samuel Beckett
With Pepe Viyuela, Alberto Jimenez, Juan Diaz, Fernando Albizu and Jesus Lavi
Stage direction Antonio Simon

1.35 h (w/out intermission)

Photo ©Javier Naval

Two friends who are almost brothers, a strange couple; as they wait, they talk, argue, play, challenge each other, reconcile, love and repel each other. Another even stranger couple arrives and the game is diversified. Godot has not arrived yet, but his emissary has.
Torrents of humanity in helpless, nomadic, disconnected characters who remind us that human beings are capable, in the most difficult situations, of getting up, or like Estragon at the end of the play, of putting their pants back on and tying them with a chord, for lack of a belt.

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