[A piece of moon]
A La Sombrita, teatro de "pocas" luces [theatre with little light]
Adaptación, manipulación, música y dirección José-Diego Ramírez Pérez from the original story ¿A qué sabe la Luna? [What does the Moon taste like?] , by Michael Grejniec
Dramatic correction Alberto Alfaro  

45 min. (s/i) Shadow theater in full view of the public. From 2 years

photo ©Gerardo Sanz

Who has never dreamed of taking a bite of the moon? That is the dream of this story’s animals. All they want is to taste a little piece, but regardless of how much they stretch, they still cannot touch it. This is a story of wishes that at first glance seem unattainable, like the Moon, but that come true thanks to collaboration and mutual aid between a large variety of animals. Halfway between a fable and a legend, this story offers a poetic moral lesson that speaks of generosity, solidarity and shared dreams.
José Diego Ramírez is a model in shadow theatre who advises and teaches future puppeteers devoted to maintaining this special form of story-telling, of activating the imagination of children and adults. This is the only shadow theatre company of Andalusia.

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