El príncipe envidioso


[EL PRINCI-PATO. The Jealous Prince]

Marmore Producciones – Junta de Extremadura
Original idea, music and lyrics Javi Tirado
Script Javi Tirado and Jokin Oregui
Performers Ana Garcia and Nuria Cuadrado
Composition and musical direction Fran Lasuen
Stage direction Alex Díaz

50 min (w/out intermission) Puppets and y actors. From 3 years

This is the story of a young 5 year old prince who has had a very strict upbringing. When he has to govern his tiny castle, he is despotic and ruthless with his few subjects. One of them is Candela, a little girl his age. She teaches him to be patient, to be good and respectful, and that happiness lies beyond his strict rules. However, a duck who cannot emigrate to the south with his flock because of a broken wing is the one who will finally succeed in changing the young prince’s attitude.

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