A story about climate change



La Coja Dansa
Choreographers and performers Santiago de la Fuente and Olga Clavel
Music Damian Sanchez
Stage direction Tatiana Clavel and Raul Leon

50 min (w/out intermission) From 4 years

Chica Inuit lives in a village of igloos where it is always very cold. Deshielo is about journeys, about personal solutions in the face of climate change and the deterioration of our ecosystem. It is about working together and creating habits that respect the balance of our environment. It is about friendship as the most effective of tools, and how ordinary people can provoke extraordinary change.  
La Coja Dansa pays very close attention to the smallest of details in its shows for families and offers extremely beautiful staging with rhythms that cater to the most avid of childhood gazes of childhood.

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