[Dreaming of Pinocchio]
La Tartana

Idea and creation La Tartana Teatro
Authors Juan Muñoz and Ines Maroto
Actors-handlers Esteban Pico, Carlos Cazalilla and Edain Caballero
Stage direction Juan Muñoz

0.50 min (w/out intermission) Puppets and actor theatre. From 3 years

Show recommended by the artistic commission of the Spanish Network of Public Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and  Festivals

Gepetto is the boiler man on an old steamship; a hard and solitary job. The boiler room is full of tree trunks waiting to be swallowed by the fire. Well…not all of them! Because Gepetto, who is very clever with his knife, carves all sorts of wood figures. Right now he is carving a little box for someone, because Gepetto is no longer alone. We can hear the incessant chirping of his new friend the cricket. Is the boiler room a magic place, or is it the boiler man’s loneliness that gives magic to everything around him? Gepetto and his cricket friend will experience the adventure of finding a companion inside a simple tree trunk.  

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