Cristo. Pasión y esperanza


[Christ - Passion and Hope]

Due to the prevention measures adopted by the Malaga City Council to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the three performances of Cristo. Pasión y Esperanza by Pascual González and Cantores de Híspalis will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of June.
The tickets will be valid for the new dates:
- Tickets for March 23, 20.00 h - June 22, 20.00 h
- June 22, 17.00 h - June 23, 17.00 h
- June 22, 21.00 h - June 23, 21.00 h
Nonetheless, you can also ask for a refund of the tickets. You may request the refund of the tickets for these three shows at the box offices as soon as this is authorised by the health authorities. When that occurs, ticket holders will have fifteen days to request a refund. The refund of tickets bought on the Internet or by telephone may be processed by writing to

Hector Perez Cala musical director, piano, keyboards and sequencers
Angel Morilla cello and guitars
Manuel Nieto electric bass
Dani Moreno classical and symphonic percussions 
Agustin Henke ethnic and ancestral percussions
La Caleta choral quintet led by Julio Pardo JR.
Los Virtuosos de la Corneta quintet led by Julio Vera
Performers Pascual Gonzalez and Cantores de Hispalis
Direction Pascual Gonzalez

2.10 h (w/out intermission)

Cristo. Pasión y Esperanza is conceived as a musical spectacle in which different musical genres converge into a “brotherhood opera” of 19th century classical and folk music. The show’s theme is the life and passion of Jesus Christ, from his birth to his resurrection, in which the orchestrated version of ‘Campanilleros de Andalucía’ is the central musical piece, accompanied by other well-known Andalusian brotherhood songs such ‘Nazareno y gitano’, ‘Silencio’ and ‘Padre nuestro’. A unique, exclusive Passion of Christ based on the customs and traditions of penitence and processions of Holy Week in Andalusia.

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