[Tango and Love]

Proyecto Tamgú
Mariano Gonzalez bandoneon
Lorenzo Triviño violin
Juan Ramon Veredas piano
Juan Baca double bass and musical director
Guest artists
Gabi Loria voice
Jupa Arias and Esther Medina tango dance

1.30 h (w/out intermission)
photo ©Roberto Duran ©F. J. M. Membrilla

Tango, Tango,
vos que fuiste el amigo confidente de su amor,
Tango, Tango,
hoy preciso de su ayuda para calmar su dolor.

                                                       Carlos Gardel

[“Tango, Tango
You who were the friend confident of his love,
Tango, Tango
Today I need your help to soothe her pain.”

Love was always tango’s major theme. Love and its perfume. Sincere pain that oppressed the poet’s chest, flushed the beautiful maiden’s face, agitated the soldier on the front or made the most serene musician’s hands tremble. Since its origins, romance and an intimate relationship was established between love and tango, full of symbolism and images that fed and shaped the genre, endowing it with an intense magical content and expressive force that has succeeded, with a great deal of picaresque and meaning, in representing an individual’s most personal emotions, at the same time the most universal of emotions shared by people in general. 
Proyecto Tamgú and Gabi Loria embrace tango and love as a repertoire of classic treasures that exude the nostalgia of this essential encounter. Jupa Arias and Esther Medina’s dance and their poignant staging completes a vision which merges the music, song, dance, tradition and the avant-garde of a living genre with which we are still  passionately in love…

Proyecto Tamgú
The instrumental proposal Proyecto Tamgu was founded in Malaga in 2011 by musicians of different origins and careers, brought together with tango as a common vehicle of artistic expression. Their repertoire comprises unique versions with audio-visual support of pieces by Astor Piazzolla, Osvaldo Pugliese, Anselmo Alfredo Aieta, Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera, creating the sounds of the large orchestras that greatly contributed to and influenced the development of tango.

Gabi Loria  voice
Gabi Lorea is an Argentinian singer and actress who was born in Buenos Aires, and has been living in Malaga since 2002. Her relation with tango stemmed from her grandfather’s bandoneon. In her extensive career, she has had the fortune of performing tango to audiences in different countries and in major theatres that include, amongst others, Teatro Cervantes in Malaga, the Cirque Royal in Brussels, Kursaal Oostende (Belgium), Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Sibelius Hall in Lahti (Finland), Oslo Konserthus (Norway), Uppsala Theatre (Sweden), Cracow Philharmonic and Warsaw National Philharmonic (Poland).

Jupa Arias and Esther Medina  tango dance
Jupa Arias and Esther Medina are professional dancers who founded the company R.E.A. danza, with which they have toured Spain, Europe and Asia.  Due to their permanent curiosity and years of training in the different techniques of classical and contemporary dance, they have succeeded in developing a distinctive style and interpretation of tango.

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